Food Truck



With years of experience developing mobile sampling units that let you reach customers directly in your target markets, PRIME MARKETING has what it takes to bring your street marketing project from idea to reality.

Based on your marketing objectives, we can guide you in selecting the most suitable sampling truck, trailer, or other promotional vehicle. We will carefully analyze your needs and design and build your vehicle, get it up and running, and keep it well maintained.

The construction of sampling vehicles requires a particular expertise and a knowledge of the various regulations which govern these vehicles. PRIME has all the knowledge and experience needed to take charge of your experiential marketing mandate:

  • Hygiene and food regulations
  • Transport rules
  • Safety
  • Weight distribution in the vehicles (generators, water and full tanks, refrigerators and products, etc.)
  • Ergonomics and production optimization
  • All seasons activation and in cold weather
  • Lighting for night-time activation
  • Sound environment/sound ambiance
  • Display material, lettering and optimizing the visibility
  • Production, handling and preservation of products
  • Fleets maintenance
  • Storage
  • Vehicles autonomy
  • Events research and negotiation
  • ...

Here below are a few promotional vehicles projects executed by PRIME:

  • 1 Fromage d'ici food truck
  • 1 McFlurry sampling trailer for McDonald's
  • 2 sampling trailers for Liberté yogurt
  • 1 production cube truck for McDonald’s coffee
  • 1 sampling trailer for McDonald’s brewed coffee and iced coffee
  • 1 sampling trailer for smoothies and frappés
  • 3 sampling trailers for brewed coffee and espresso based McCafé beverages
  • Several promotional cars
  • 1 brewed coffee " mobile sampling kit"
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