PRIME MARKETING is a communications agency that has been providing non-traditional advertising services for more than 15 years. We specialize in experiential marketing. We serve many major national clients in a variety of industries.


• Street marketing

• Creative marketing (advertising stunts)

• Sampling and tasting

• Couponing

• Product launches and new locations

• Media relations

• Sponsorships and brand ambassadors

• Promotional vehicle design and construction (food truck)

• Fundraising

• Corporate events, conventions, seminars, and artistic performances

• Sports and cultural events

• Video production

• VR activation

• Pop-Up Stores 

• iPad activation

• Invitations and registration management



Street marketing is a fresh approach that uses public spaces and popular events to promote your product or brand. It is often used for new product integration, testing, and distribution.

At PRIME MARKETING, we are known for our street marketing savvy, delivering innovative print materials, activities, role plays, and interactive situations. Our experienced promotional teams cover urban centers across the country. PRIME MARKETING gives your target audience exciting opportunities to experience your product right on the street.


With years of experience developing mobile sampling units that let you reach customers directly in your target markets, PRIME MARKETING has what it takes to bring your street marketing project from idea to reality.

Based on your marketing objectives, we can guide you in selecting the most suitable sampling truck, trailer, or other promotional vehicle. We will carefully analyze your needs and design and build your vehicle, get it up and running, and keep it well maintained.


Want to create an event for a product launch or the opening of a new location? PRIME MARKETING has you covered.

Using a traditional approach or a unique concept tailored to your brand and communication objectives, PRIME will alert the media to ensure that the arrival of your new product or location is a big hit.


PRIME has the expertise to make your advertising, sports, cultural, corporate, and fundraising events a resounding success.

Our topnotch team will take charge of every step of your project, from ideation and design to finding a location and sponsors, and facilitating your event.


Get noticed by holding a unique, imaginative event that will attract attention to your product, service, or brand. PRIME knows just how to get people talking about you and will take care of every single detail in organizing your advertising stunt.


PRIME is the recognized leader in soliciting company sponsorships. Our creative approach enables us to find the means and the ideas necessary to increase the sponsor’s visibility and maximize the return on the amount invested throughout the event.


Building partnerships between brands has become a powerful strategic tool utilized by PRIME when developing a new product or simply looking to add hype to an offer. Our success is the result of astute choices when it comes to choosing a brand partner for our client as well as the relevancy and originality of the offer we propose to consumers.


Prime sets itself apart in the organization of national events, more specifically golf tournaments and ski challenges benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities. Funds raised at these events have more than doubled since the arrival of PRIME. This has enabled the charity to help an increased number of children in need and their families.

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