About us

We are a North American agency that will take you out of your comfort zone to generate results. In fact, bucking with tradition is our middle name.

For over 20 years, we have been helping discerning brands create stellar experiential marketing campaigns and events. We combine unprecedented creativity with the unique ability to deliver. Our extensive portfolio clearly shows our team’s forward-thinking mindset and determination. The strengths of each of our specialists help to optimize both strategy and execution. Our ultimate goal? Developing meaningful and lasting experiences for your customers that accomplish your goals.

With Prime Marketing, there’s never anything ho-hum.

Our Team

Alain Têtu

President CEO

Rosalie Laflamme

Partner, VP strategy & account services

Anand Puran

Group Director & Business Development

Marilyne Brunet

Account Director

Mitto Salem

Account Director

Joannie Martin

Account and Creativity Manager

Marie-Pier Grondin

Account Manager

Mathieu Vear

Technical and Logistics Director

Olivier Têtu

Marketing Manager

Jolyanne Marin

Marketing Manager

Sarah Hayes

Account Manager

Tomasz Kaminski

Marketing Coordinator

Kévin De Roy-Boucher

Field Coordinator

Akeem Foster

Field Coordinator

Kyle Shaughnessy

Field Coordinator

Dameian Walsh

Field Coordinator

Become a brand ambassador

We are always looking for brand ambassadors with funky personalities and can-do attitudes. Become part of an awesome team and take advantage of a flexible work schedule. Helps us to create—and enjoy—unforgettable experiences.